Entrepreneurs: Then. Now. And Beyond.

There have always been entrepreneurs in every part of the world and in every era challenging the status quo and bettering society through their innovation.

Entrepreneurs in pre-liberalization India were up against several constraints, including policy shackles and limited technology. Still, influenced to a large extent by Nehruvian ideals of nation building, many went on to build enduring businesses that also sustained the communities they operated in. Arguably, there has not been a better time than now to be an entrepreneur in India. And a new breed of them has emerged, with more ambition and a greater appetite for risk than in previous generations. But they also face increased market and investor pressure to show results in a shorter span of time. And that has shaped the priorities of India’s young entrepreneurs.

This issue will look at some important shifts in the business landscape over the decades and how these have influenced the operating and communication strategies of entrepreneurs. We also look at how the formal communication function has evolved in organizations as a result of changes in the environment. Lastly, we examine the unique communication hurdles of enterprises focused on social impact.