Emotion. Expression. Immersion.

Everyday, as communicators, we grapple with ways to develop messages that endure. But it is increasingly difficult to achieve stickiness when people have limited time and mind space for these messages.

It occurred to us that we should turn for inspiration to people who are experts in crafting memorable stories and creative experiences. And so, in late March, we invited a panel of these individuals – two writers, a music consultant, and a theatre artist – to talk to us about their approach. We asked them about their creative stimuli, their daily routines and the influence of the audience in their work. We have presented some excerpts from this engaging and thought-provoking discussion in this issue.

Visual storytelling has a rich history in India with many of us getting our mythology from graphic media such as Amar Chitra Katha. One of our experts offers his thoughts on this storytelling approach and its relevance for a modern audience.

If only brands could communicate visually and in ways that complement their messaging, then the results might be truly memorable. By keeping it simple and genuine, says one of our writers, brands are more likely to connect with their target audiences.

We hope that the offline discussion, along with the other viewpoints in this issue, will get us all thinking about creative and less obvious ways to tell our stories.