One Country. Many Faces. A Complex Brand.

The idea of a positive national brand is important – for tourism, invest – ment and growth, as well as national pride and morale. We seem to be ready to change some of the negative narratives on the country. Only time will tell how successful we will be in this. However, it is a good time to take a look at what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to forming this new narrative.

A well-known social commentator explains why the general prickliness we display when our culture and image are under attack, may not help. But if we are trying to break through the cycle of dark reporting on social problems, there are plenty of positive stories and unsung heroes out there. One of our writers describes a few of these in her article. We also break Brand India down to its constituent pieces in order to understand it better. Lastly, we invited some young writers to tell us what a new and better India means to them. Collectively, their outlook is a refreshing change from the cynicism that often accompanies such discussions.