Getting a Grip on Digital 

Most marketers agree it is important. Many are doing something about it. But the large majority don’t know if they are heading in the right direction with it. The ‘it’ is digital marketing and the questions and doubts that marketers have about this topic linger in the air – unanswered and unaddressed, like the proverbial elephant in the room.

Until now.

In September, we brought a group of people (experts in marketing, digital strategy and legal matters) together to give us their view of the digital marketing landscape. They discussed the challenges for marketers, digital trends and privacy issues, among other things. We have presented some excerpts from this very interesting discussion in this issue.

Two other viewpoints included here look both forwards and backwards to see what is likely to change and what will remain constant in an increasingly digital world.

One provides a heartwarming view of how digital natives are leading digital immigrants into a social new age. The other uses the history of mass communication technology to map the future of digital.

Lastly, we present an inside view into the recent successful launch of Coke Zero in India – an example of how digital marketing was used to yield great results. We hope all of this serves to inspire new approaches and ways of thinking about this topic.