Building Room for Better Debate

Recently a planned debate between two political candidates in South Bangalore was scuttled after a clash between party workers. This is just one example of how difficult it is to build serious and necessary dialogue into the political process. As the election season winds down, all we are left with is posturing on ideology and values.

There is no doubt that we live in ideologically divided times. From time to time, wedge issues – a ban on a controversial book, the ecology versus development debate – emerge to polarize us further. But what fuels our arguments when it comes to these issues: logic or emotions? This is what one of our contributors examines in her article.

Facts and information can be surprisingly elusive even in debates and decisions that involve public welfare. One of our experts uses recent policy debates to highlight how credible research could have been leveraged for better results in these cases.

Debate and discussion are a big part of the modern workplace. But are today’s leaders mindful of what it takes to drive productive discussions and effective problem solving within their organizations?
Lastly, if public opinion is the ultimate judge, how are offline and online channels converging to influence the way people think about specific issues?