Mutation, Evolution, Transformation…

Change is a constant in our lives. And it is essential. Without it, we would be stuck in a rut from where
we can’t push or progress.

Change may be inevitable but it is not always easy. Within organisations, the prospect of change can cause uncertainty, fear and apprehension. While market factors may drive such changes, taking everyone along is a completely different challenge altogether. Some organisations handle it better than others. But there are lessons embedded in both the successes and failures in this area.

Social change is a lot more complicated. When you are talking of shifting a group’s collective mindset, there is a lot more at stake: education, engagement, a breaking down of cultural barriers. The process takes time and calls for both
patience and persistence.

In studying transformational change, we also need to examine the role of the individual – especially of those radical thinkers who refuse to be limited by convention and rules. A group analysis unveils some interesting traits and
characteristics in the mavericks of the world.

Maverick tendencies notwithstanding, it seems that everyone these days has the ability to champion causes and support ideas with the click of a ‘like’ button. But whether this brand of online activism translates into any concrete results is the focus of one of the articles in this issue.

Finally, in Alterpoint, we look at the ambivalence with which we accept technological change. As a result of all the pushing and pulling, our adoption of technology doesn’t follow a completely linear path.

As always, we hope these articles provide fodder for thought and debate. Do write in to us at with your views on this topic or any other feedback you would like to share.