From corporate greed to sleaze in public of?ice, there are enough reasons for people to tune out. Can companies regain their attention – and trust? These are the best of times. Globalisation is opening doors everywhere and technology advances are transforming lives, rather than just improving them.

These are also the worst of times. There is simmering discontent around the globe in the wake of major political and economic developments. The leadership gaps laid bare by the Arab revolution, the mood in recession-hit Europe, Occupy Wall Street protests against corporate excess, Indians’ weariness with the graft culture in the country… the disenchantment with entities, organisations and powerful individuals is at an all-time high.

It’s not easy for companies to break through this cloud of distrust. But it can be done.

This issue of Viewpoint uses its contributors’ lenses to look more closely at how organisations can evoke trust: the foundation on which it is based and how sound communication can further the cause. We dig around with the modern tools of the trade (read: social media) and isolate the main factor in driving brand likeability and acceptance.
We also examine news reporting in its present day form and how it needs to evolve in order to win the confidence of its audience. Lastly, in a slightly of?beat perspective, we explore the plot of redemption and the way it unfolds in life and art.

Sound like heavy reading? Don’t worry; it’s not. But we hope it will get our readers thinking and jumpstart some coffee break conversations. After all, where there’s an issue, there is sure to be many a viewpoint!