Cultivating Mindfulness

What exactly is mindfulness? Definitions may vary, depending on who you ask. However, these days, specific mindfulness practices are touted as a panacea for several ailments and excesses in our society, including stress, conflict and hedonism. This has prompted some critics to speak up about the problems of oversimplification in this area. What is clear is that there are elements of mindful living that are very relevant for our distracted and noise-filled times. Consumption is one area – whether of digital content or physical goods. Mindfulness, defined as a more conscious and considered way of operating, could help change and elevate behavior across many different areas.

So, we attempted a deeper dive into this topic in order to answer a few key questions: What are the effects of a more mindful approach on our ability to engage and communicate? How does it impact mindset and attitudes? How should a for-profit enterprise think about it? Can the goals of mindfulness co-exist with the goals of a modern society?