What does it mean to be a man?

Last year Thrive Global, a US-based behavior change media and technology company, put together a series of articles under an editorial initiative called “Reimagining Masculinity”. The goal was to examine “masculinity’s many intersections with the world’s biggest social trends” and to “show how blinkered, machismo-driven notions of masculinity imprison men in their careers and relationships and impact the workplace for women”…and society as a whole.
In this issue of Viewpoint, we set out to explore this topic in the Indian context – to see how changing notions of masculinity are currently reflected in pop culture, workplaces, narratives and more.
Our contributors tackle several key questions, including: To what extent are old masculine ideals being challenged in our society? How does a ‘bro’ culture develop in an organization? How easy is it for boys and men today to defy gender norms? How are brands dealing with shifts in the way we think of masculinity?