The future of work: Are we crying wolf?

This has been a much debated topic in recent times. And for good reason. After all, modern human lives revolve around work. But this wasn’t always the case. As historian and best-selling author, Yuval Noah Harari, says: “Humans didn’t always work. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon.”

But work is now a critical component of our lives and identities. Which is why we are concerned when we see big changes looming on this front. But this is not the first time that innovation and technology have come in to disrupt the nature of work in our societies.

So what is different this time around? Are the grim scenarios of large-scale job displacement due to technology completely warranted? What are we missing when we discuss job creation in the India context? How can we prepare ourselves for some clear shifts in the landscape? And, as individuals, what can we do if we find ourselves in a job we don’t like? This issue of Viewpoint attempts to answer these and other less probed questions about work, its future and finding meaning in it.